Sweetheart Playhouse

The Sweetheart Playhouse by Step 2 is a great gift idea for that special little one in your life.  Playhouses have entertained children around the world for as long as history records.  All children enjoy playing house at some point in life and there is no better way for them to do this than by having there very own Sweetheart Playhouse.

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Playhouses can be as simple as stick huts mad from sticks and branches laying around the yard to the newer plastic preassembled models like the Sweetheart Playhouse offered by Step 2.  Children love acting like mom and dad in all areas of their lives and playhouses let them embark on all types of adult ventures just like their parents.  Playhouses are enjoyed by boys and girls alike, and give young children the means to let their imaginations run wild for hours at the time.

Step 2 has taken the extra steps to make sure the sweetheart playhouse gives young children everything they need to be just like their parents.  This playhouse is made out of sturdy plastic that will ensure years of abuse by the weather and it gives parents peace of mind knowing that their young children are safe playing in it.  The Sweetheart Playhouse is very large and tall compared to other playhouses in the same category.  This gives children plenty of room to play inside without feeling claustrophobic or cramped up.  It is large enough that it can easily fit playhouse furniture in it and still have room for children to play inside.  The sweetheart playhouse is recommended for children between the ages of two and eight years old, making this a great investment for your younger children.

The sweetheart playhouse is designed with your special young girl in mind.  It has a gingerbread house design with detailed shingles and decorations on the outer walls.  It is made with pink, purple, and white colors to match most little girl’s current toys and decorations.  On the outside, the sweetheart playhouse offers a welcome mat for the front door, working windows with shutters, a flower pot, and a full sized door.  The interior is also packed full of surprises, with a sky light in the roof, a working door bell, an electronic telephone with six different sounds, and a stove top that can be flipped over to reveal a grill.  The sweetheart playhouse is sure to be the highlight of playtime for your young ones for many years.

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