Girls Playhouse

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A girls playhouse is such a great place for little girls to play and let their imaginations run wild. Little girls have great imaginations and love to be like their moms. Any parent with a little girl will tell you their little girl loves to play house. Little girls watch their moms doing household tasks everyday and starting at a young age, they love to practice these tasks. A little girls playhouse makes these dreams a reality for young girls all over the world.

In a girls playhouse, young girls wanting to be just like their moms can pretend to perform many of the tasks that they see their moms do everyday. They can use their dolls and teddy bears for children and guests, use old dishes and pots and pans to prepare a special meal, and preschool furniture to entertain their favorite guest.

These playhouses can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. They can be kept in the child’s room or can be placed outside for hours of outdoor play. Cardboard appliance boxes make great indoor playhouses and can be found for free at most appliance retailers. These large boxes can be cut and molded into any shape and glued together with a hot glue gun to make them as large as you desire. They can be painted to match your little girl’s room, and decorated with fabrics and accessories to make her dreams come true. Girls playhouse furniture can be as simple as pillows for seats and small boxes for tables or as extravagant as custom made toddler furniture to match the furniture that is in your own home. Preassembled girl’s playhouse can be as elaborate as your budget will allow. Your local toy store also has many prefabricated girl’s playhouses available.

Custom made girls playhouses can be purchased for a special birthday or Christmas gift. An empty wall in your special girl’s room can be transformed into a realistic home with multiple rooms and accessories. Some of the more elaborate girl’s playhouses are custom built for outdoors. These playhouses can be ten to twelve feet tall and have over five hundred feet of playing space inside them. Whether you decided to create a simple playhouse that you make with your daughter at home or a fully customized girls playhouse that you have constructed for your daughter, you can be sure she will get years of enjoyable playtime from them.

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